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White Labeling

In order to run an establishment, various expenses such as facilities, manpower, and other factors are necessary. One effective strategy to bring down these expenses is to opt for white labeling, where you purchase products or services from another company and sell them under your brand.
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White labeling brings several advantages. It can
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Save time
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Reduce expenditure on marketing,
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Cut down assembly & production costs
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It is not limited to physical commodities and is widely used by retail establishments, multinationals, and electronic companies.
Even the service industry has embraced this. So what is the process of white labeling?
Companies A and B collaborate on designing, producing, and maintaining software and services, which Company B can use under its brand name. Your health or wellness facility is Company B
which interacts with the customers. With white-labeling Company A’s products with your brand name, they will recognize it by your name and not Company A.
At LYFnGO, we provide you with software that allows you to white-label your brand. Now you can maintain your identity when communicating with customers via email or message.
Choose LYFnGO to retain your brand identity while leveraging our services. By white labeling our technology, you can strengthen your reputation and provide exceptional service to your customers under your brand’s name.
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LYFnGO provides the software to operate your practice.
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You can customize the applications and names corresponding to your practice.
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You operate the software and communicate with your customer using your brand name, practice name, or logo.
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The rise of contactless payment methods and online transactions post-Covid-19 has made integration vital for businesses today.
At LYFnGO, we understand that a secure and well-maintained payment portal creates a seamless experience for you & your customers.
With our integrated payment gateways, you can streamline your transactions and account management. We ensure all your financial activities with various accounts are managed uninterrupted.
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Communication Integration

Communication integration is another key aspect of providing exceptional service to customers.
Communication Integration
💻LYFnGO allows you to configure your preferred video communication platforms, such as Zoom Meet or Google Meet, based on your schedules on Google Calendar.
📥Additionally, we integrate mailing systems like SMTP and MailChimp to simplify your tasks.
Communication Integration


LYFnGO has incorporated software like Tally, Xero, and Zoho Books to consolidate all your accounts and finances in one place. We can also customize & incorporate accounting solutions that suit your business needs.
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Online platforms are also called e-commerce sites wherein traders around the globe can sell their products, services, and information in one marketplace. Primarily, it is an IT company that serves as a mediator between buyers and sellers.
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LYFnGO offers E-commerce plugins like WooCommerce that help you simplify building & managing your online stores and offer essential features like tax management, payments, and shipping integration.
It is suitable for small and large online traders, with easy installation, usability, and customization options. Many high-traffic websites trust and utilize WooCommerce.
If you are a health or wellness service provider, LYFnGO is your solution for booking appointments, making payments, and managing accounts all in one place!

Frequently asked questions

1. What type of integrations are there with LYFnGO?
LYFnGO has communication, payment, and accounting software integrated.
Your customers will receive messages addressed by you and your brand name.
No, you can add your existing account and continue using.
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