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Diet Plan

Lifestyle disorders are at their peak. A stressful lifestyle, in addition to occupational behaviors, has brought each individual's health to the brink. At LYFnGO, we wish and want every customer to enjoy healthy living. Thus, we have integrated an application where specialists are wellness provider can communicate with their customers smoothly.
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The page helps in accessing the maintained records anywhere at any time. The specialist and the customer can use this cloud-based software to plan their diet based on their clinical reports. It aids in tracking calorie intake and health progress. It also helps to keep new-age lifestyle disorders at bay.
The specialist can create a diet plan. It helps in preparing the meal plans precisely, based on the nutritional requirement of the customer. These meal plans and types are on the basis of the required count of calories, proteins, carbs, fat, and fiber. Gradually, a revision is inevitable when there is an improvement in the customer's health.
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Workout Plan

There is an inclination of this generation is toward convenience and physical lifestyle changes. Ignoring a key fact about the human body that it does not delight in excess comfort in addition to; manipulating commercials has become a trend. By and large, work equivalent to working out; or workout equivalent to work is the only resort to having a healthy body and a healthy life. But often, due to assignments or deadlines, many of us forget or, are unable to give our bodies the required exercises.
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Therefore, a workout plan devised by the fitness specialist helps to set goals and plan workouts. Details of each schedule are clear and concise, on how much time to spend on each exercise, the required sleep, intake of food and fluid, etc. This tailored plan will help in reaching the goal successfully. A specialist can revise the workouts of any session, morning or evening. The workout plans can be precise, based on workout sets in a session, reps, and allowed rest time. It also reflects the amount of fat burned during each session.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I update the diet chart weekly?
Yes, the diet chart can be updated and customized.
Yes, the changes can be noted in the customer record.
At the time of prescribing, you can add a new workout.
Yes, you can record the body vitals and monitor them.
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