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Clinical Services

Clinical services software should be easy and robust to use.

How can clinical practice use clinical software?

Clinical software or platforms can help service providers manage multiple customers and their records.
It reduces an immense amount of paperwork and documentation. Customer records and vital body tracking can be noted or mentioned for future reference. The platform manages records and connects with customers through SMS, email, online consultation, payment, and many more methods.
home care
home care

Benefit of clinical services:

Helps in making precise medical decisions.
Secure data.
Multiple integrated payment systems for easy financial transactions.
Can share illness details with specialists for discussion and opinions.
home care

Who provides clinical services?

Clinical service providers or specialists are
Allopathic specialists
Ayurvedic practitioners
Home care nurses
Provider handling medicine
Pharma & pharmacy
home care

What LYFnGO has for clinical services?

LYFnGO is an end-to-end platform to handle customers from the beginning to the end of treatment or therapy. The design and planning of the system were carefully embedded to include every aspect of the customer's journey with you or the facility.
home care
By incorporating smooth communication into the system, LYFnGO hopes to make your job easier. WhatsApp chat options, Online consultations, and video calling options such as Zoom and Google Meet. It is also integrated with various payment modes and accounting software like Paytm, PAYNOW, Zoop, and Xero to support your financial transaction
home care
home care
home care
White labeling or branding is another essential point of LYFnGO. You can make use of the platform with your brand name. Every customer communication from you will be under your brand name.
home care
Dashboards and reports show a preview of the finances and customers. You can generate invoice reports based on the period.
Medical EMR is an entirely paperless customer record. It provides every detail of the customer regarding treatment, therapy, care, and medicines.
Pharma and billing include stock details and bills of every customer. Billing is possible from multiple pages. Diagnosis, nursing care, allopathy - surgery - no highlight, hospital service, and pharma Inventory records the stock of instruments, and pharma and expenses keep track of the inflow and outflow of funds.
home care
Consultation and facility booking, or appointment booking, was yet another focus. The entire booking process is transparent; and simple to understand. You can update it whenever there is a booking, rescheduling, or cancellation. Information regarding reminders, updates regarding the appointment, and the availability of the specialist are sent through SMS or email.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is the platform customizable according to various specializations or customers?
Yes, we can customize the system and include or exclude it accordingly.
Yes, our support team can train you or your staff if required.
You can learn to use the system very quickly. The system is simple and easy to understand.
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safety gaurd

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The Integrated next-gen platform for Health & Wellness Service Providers to increase productivity, improves financial outcomes, eases information exchange, and enriches the patient/customer experience.
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