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Attract more customers with quick sales of services, products, and memberships!
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Now you can boost your revenue and customer satisfaction with LYFnGO’s one-stop quick sales page.

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With QuickSale, health and wellness service providers and specialists can trade services without lengthy consultations.
LYFnGO’s Quick Sale page helps you generate bills excluding consultation. Bills and invoices are also generated instantly, making the process hassle-free.
🩺Specialists can offer medical services and therapies
🧘 Wellness sector can offer services related to well-being and training.
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Add Product

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If you are a Specialist or a Service Provider, you can also display and sell goods related to your sector, such as pharma, drugs, instruments, equipment, wellness products, and beauty care products.
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Capture product details for billing and generate invoices on the spot with LYFnGO.

Add Membership

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Memberships in the Health & Wellness Sector provide substantial benefits to the customers, such as discounts & quick services. Members can also avail better care and service from the health & wellness service provider.
Now, adding a member & generating invoices is a smooth process with LYFnGO’s quick sale page.
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Draft & Sales History

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LYFnGO’s Draft and Sales History page allows you to create, save, and generate invoice drafts instantly for a customer who is not registered with you.
The Draft page offers a wealth of information and serves different purposes.
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You can save your customer’s intended purchases for later or after consulting with a practitioner.
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It allows you to edit the invoices before finalizing your purchase.
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The saved invoices can be easily accessed using the bill date or tenant number in the draft section.
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The page allows you to view, edit, or delete statements as needed.
You can also review completed purchases over a period of time with the Sales History page. Like the draft page, the sales history provides detailed information about your transactions.

Frequently asked questions

1. What can be vended on Quick sale?
You can vend or market services, memberships, or products on Quick sale.
You can search any invoice of a non-member based on name, mobile number, invoice number, or receipt number.
A draft will keep an invoice or bill saved for future use.
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