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WhatsApp Bot & Online Consultation

Unlock the power of WhatsApp @ LYFnGO!
In today's digital landscape, it's truly astonishing how social media platforms have become catalysts for growth and outreach in various sectors. From Shopping and Education to e-commerce, News, Businesses, and countless unlisted industries, social media has driven their widespread success.
The health and wellness sector has also embraced this digital wave, making significant strides with online consultations and appointments.
Gone are the days of lengthy in-person visits. Now, seeking expert advice and making payments have been seamlessly integrated into the online realm.
Seamless Connection with Specialists via Our WhatsApp Bot
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Initiating a conversation with our specialist is as easy as sending a "Hello" message to our WhatsApp bot.
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The bot welcomes the customer and presents a range of options to cater to their needs; book a new appointment, reschedule an existing one, or cancel an appointment.
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As customers select one of the options, the bot guides you to choose from the clinics you are registered with.
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Conversation proceeds smoothly as the bot inquires about the appointment mode and asks the customers to choose the specialist, date and time, and the payment method the customer prefers.
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If the bot encounters an unidentified message from the customer, it promptly redirects them to an advisor, who will handle and redirect any remaining functions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Among the various social media platforms, WhatsApp reigns supreme as the go-to method in the health sector. It offers unparalleled ease and accessibility when connecting with specialists.
Harnessing WhatsApp's immense popularity and reach, with over 2 billion users worldwide, we at LYFnGO have seamlessly integrated WhatsApp features into our software & website. Using the familiar WhatsApp chat interface, we aim to provide a smooth journey from booking appointments to making payments for the customers as well as the specialists.
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Online Consult

In this era of technological advancements, the possibilities for accessing specialized healthcare have expanded beyond traditional clinic visits. With cutting-edge technology, customers can now connect with specialists from the comfort of their homes via chat, phone, or video call.
LYFnGO offers various communication options to ensure seamless discussions with specialists. It can be,
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Online consultation with specialists from home
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With a single tap, images, and videos of scans can be uploaded.
Bid Goodbye to long lines at the clinic. Customers can now enjoy healthcare services at their fingertips while ensuring the care needed.

Customers can avail personalized guidance for their health problems through prompt online consultations

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Trustworthy and secured platform.
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Economical tariffs.
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Video and chat alternatives.
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Save time and money.
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Upload records effortlessly.
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No need to travel.
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Confidential and safe consultations.
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Nill infections due to service centre visits.
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Frequently asked questions

1. How can WhatsApp bot ease my booking job?
WhatsApp can assist your customers to schedule, reschedule or reply with automated messages to the customer. 
No, in the first place, LYFnGO has WhatsApp with it. There is no requirement for any personal details.
Yes, you can start using WhatsApp soon as your account with LYFnGO is active. 
Yes, the customer needs to book an appointment.
Yes, the data is secured. You are the owner of your data.
In addition to WhatsApp chat and online consultation, LYFnGO has Video calling platform integrations like zoom and meet.
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