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In the first place, what is a Dashboard, and what information can it offer? A dashboard is an online pictorial representation of crucial data of an app or website. Precisely it facilitates you with data related to revenue and sales of a niche. The dashboard is easy and convenient to access, which results in an effortless job.
Here, at LYFnGO we present a dashboard with analytical reports, revenue generation sales, and information regarding specialists.
module functioning example
module functioning example

Review your Analytics efficiently

Analytics is a very crucial part of any business. It may be a small picture illustration, but it gives a quick peek into the roots of the business. A daily visualization can give an idea of the ups and downs of the niche.
Here, the analytics page is divided into four parts; weekly, monthly, and yearly reports; in terms of customer, appointment, revenue, and growth.

A tally of Sales from various domains

This parallel section shows the revenue generated from sales; against various types of visits, appointments, or consultations that include; walk-in, home-visits, in-person, and online.
module functioning example
module functioning example

Graphical Revenue description

This chart exhibits the revenue generation for a selected period which can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.
The dashboard & graph helps you analyze your work, as well as revenue generation, at a glance. It allows you to monitor the progress of all your clinics on the same page.
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The report is a one-stop page where you can access all your invoices like; income, payments, new customers, appointments, billing summary, and due amount, for any selected period.
A wide range of filters in each report aids in finding various types of statistics based on your extracts. Each generated statement gives precise statistics on different finances.
While the billing summary provides narrowly different statistics than invoiced income like the cost, discount, tax, invoiced amount, and amount paid, the invoiced income gives cost, discount, income after discount, tax, and invoiced amount Payments give a detail about the total advance payment and advance payment; the amount due only reflects the total amount due.
First-Time Customer
The new customer's section and appointments sections display details of customers that include vitals like the blood group and statistics.This report helps the specialist to view the total number of new customers and; new appointments in a selected period at a glance. This section will give the specialist details of customers in different categories based on age and gender.
Due Amount Report
As for the amount due report, a selection of customer groups like; all customers, only male or female customers, and male or female customers under the age group of thirty, gives a precise figure of the balance amount based on your selection of customer groups for a selected period

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the advantages of dashboards and reports?
Dashboards and reports furnish information regarding customers, appointments, and revenue. You can also view the development graph periodically.
Yes, you can modify the details according to your requirement.
You can generate the reports weekly, monthly or quarterly. Customer growth, appointment cycle, inflow and outflow of revenue, and complete representation of finance are depicted here.
Yes, it can be tailormade.
Yes, you can include more vital details.
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