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A dashboard presents crucial data of an app or website in a pictorial format. It provides information related to revenue and sales, making it easy and convenient to access.
LYFnGO offers an analytical dashboard that displays reports, revenue generation, sales, and specialist information, all in one place!
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module functioning example

Review analytics efficiently

Analytics may be a small part of a big puzzle, but it’s a road to help you with effective business decisions that require access to meaningful insights and analytics.
Get a clear and concise overview of crucial business metrics such as customer data, appointment tracking, revenue streams, and growth trends with LYFnGO's analytics dashboard.
Our comprehensive weekly, monthly, and yearly reports ensure you are always informed and well-equipped to make decisions that drive a business's success!

Domain-wise sales tally

With the LYFnGO's sales section, you can track sales from all type of visits; be it walk-ins, home visits, in-person or online.
Our revenue reports will blow your mind with in-depth insights for different visits, appointments, or consultations!
module functioning example
module functioning example

Graphical Revenue description

Our interactive user-friendly charts help you visualize the revenue generated over a selected period, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
The LYFnGO’s dashboard & graphs enable quick analysis of revenue & overall performance and also makes it easy to monitor all the clinics’ progress on the same page.
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The reports section provides a comprehensive overview of all invoices, including income, payments, new customers, appointments, billing summary, and due amounts for any selected period.
Multiple reports can be generated with LYFnGO’s wide range of filters, making it easy to find specific financial statistics! With our advanced reporting system, you can easily keep track of your customer balances and stay on top of your finances.
First-Time Customer
Due Amount Report
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The billing summary gives us information on cost, discount, tax, invoiced amount & amount to be paid.
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The invoice income report provides the same details as that of the billing summary but gives information on income after discount, additionally, in place of amount to be paid.
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Payments report details information on total advance payment & advance payment, and the Amounts due report provides information on the amount due from various sources.
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The brand-new customer and appointments section presents a bird's eye view of all the customer details. It helps specialists keep track of new customers & appointments in a selected period. Our user-friendly interface can also categorize customers based on age & gender, and present a quick glance.
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Get a complete glimpse of your customer base with LYFnGO’s amount due report. Specialists can select & view all customers or split them based on gender or include an age filter. The report will give an exact figure of the balance amount based on the filter selected for the required period.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the advantages of dashboards and reports?
Dashboards and reports furnish information regarding customers, appointments, and revenue. You can also view the development graph periodically.
Yes, you can modify the details according to your requirement.
You can generate the reports weekly, monthly or quarterly. Customer growth, appointment cycle, inflow and outflow of revenue, and complete representation of finance are depicted here.
Yes, it can be tailormade.
Yes, you can include more vital details.
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