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In today's digital landscape, technology has enabled a massive shift to doing things virtually in many sectors.
Welcome to the future of appointments - where technology meets convenience, just for you!
Imagine a world where customers can easily make appointments, all from the comfort of their own home.
Gone are the days of following the traditional route to make an appointment. Thanks to the remarkable advancements in information technology, customers can now make appointments virtually, replacing physical limitations with endless possibilities.

Appointment Booking

At LYFnGO, we bring you a revolutionary virtual diary or calendar that puts all your appointment details in one place. With just a few clicks, you can schedule appointments, view prescriptions, make payments, and access reports – all conveniently online!
Simplifying tasks is at the core of what we do at LYFnGO. To make the appointment booking even more effortless, we have integrated WhatsApp into our software. Now, customers can book appointments and receive reminders seamlessly by simply sending a message through WhatsApp!
Experience the freedom of hassle-free appointments and say hello to a new era of effortless scheduling.
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What truly sets our Calendar apart is the wealth of crisp and clear data it provides:
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Access vital information about various types of appointments at a glance.
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Insights into the total number of appointments scheduled for the day, along with a breakdown of waiting, engaged, completed, and missed customers.
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Intelligently filtered data differentiating in-person, online, and home service appointments, giving a comprehensive overview.
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Add Appointment

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Our Appointment platform makes scheduling appointments a breeze.
Whether it's an online consultation, an in-person meeting, or a convenient home visit, we've got you covered. Just furnish the customer's name, ID, and contact number and add the online appointment– it's that easy! It also notifies customers and specialists through SMS, email, and Whatsapp.

Add Reminder

Never miss an appointment again with LYFnGO’s reminders!
Our reminders allow specialists to stay on top of their schedule with timely notifications for follow-up visits, new consultations, or any other special cases. You can also choose when the reminder has to alert, whether for a short period or the entire day.
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Appointment Details

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LYFnGO’s all-in-one appointment management solution is suitable for all health & wellness practices: gyms, health centers, special care centers, beauty & wellness centers and more.
Streamline every step of appointments for your convenience and ensure a seamless flow from start to finish with these features:
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Check-in option to signify the appointment has started
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Engage option to show the interaction is still in progress
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Check-out to signify the customer has finished their appointment with the specialist
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Complete to display that the next customer can check-in
You can also add the invoice & generate a bill after the appointment completion.
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Facility booking

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At LYFnGO, we believe in providing holistic support to make your job easy. With our facility booking feature, we also cater to booking facilities like labs, scan centres, prenatal care centres, home care centres, therapists, sports facilities, gyms, or yoga centres.
Join us to unlock a world of possibilities for your health and well-being. With LYFnGO, you can discover & select a wide range of facilities; Health Care, Wellness, Fitness and Sports that best suits your interests.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to manage multiple bookings and different modes?
Yes, the platform can handle multiple bookings on various modes like online, in person at the facility, and at home.
Yes, you can definitely use the software and increase your customer base with a hassle-free appointment scheduler.
No, the customers need not download the software.
No, the data will be only visible to you.
Yes, we can schedule appointment reminders to be sent at a specific time.
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