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Technology is evolving every day, and so are jobs. The authentic way of making an appointment is very familiar to all of us. But now, with the advancement of information technology, there is a massive shift to doing things virtually than physically. The world has moved from the original form of taking an appointment to virtual methods.

Appointment Booking

Today, an appointment booking is possible from anywhere in the world. Online consultation with specialists has become a cakewalk. Prescriptions, payments, and reports are available online.
And this is where LYFnGO offers you a virtual diary or calendar where every detail of an appointment is available. A reminder option for the specialist as well as the customer.
Making a task easier is what we believe at LYFnGO. As a result, we have WhatsApp integrated into our software for an effortless approach.The customer can book an appointment and even get reminders smoothly by sending a message through WhatsApp.
calender module functioning example
Following is the description of the Calendar page of our website. On the calendar page, we provide you with a section with the date, so you can check if any specialist is available on the given date.
To be more precise, a specialist and category have to be selected. The category dropdown has selection like follow-ups, in-clinics or any specific meet-up.
One of the finest features on this page is the crisp and clear data of all the types of appointments. You can see the total number of appointments in a day, the number of waiting, engaged, completed, and missed customers of the day. It filters the above data according to in-person, online, and home service appointments. It can also block and send reminders to customers.
module functioning example

Add Appointment

module functioning example
You can add an online appointment, in-person or home visit by furnishing the customer details like name, id, and contact numbers. It also facilitates notification to customers and specialist by SMS, email, and Whatsapp.

Add Reminder

The reminder option informs the specialist of different types of appointments during the day. It can be a follow-up visit, a new consultation, or any special case. It gives the option to select the reminder to remind for a short period of time or a whole day.
module functioning example

Appointment Details

module functioning example
The check-in option shows the appointment has started, engagethe appointment is still in progress, check-out signifies the customer has finished his appointment with the specialist, and complete shows that the next customer can check in.
This application can be used across all the health and wellness sectors. A gym, health centre, special care centre, beauty, and wellness centre, etc.
You have the facility to add the invoice and generate a bill soon as the appointment is completed.
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Facility booking

We facilitate you with services beyond the medical arena. LYFnGO not only caters to specialists and customers, but we also cater to all the services related to health.
You have already read about the appointment procedures above. Here in the facility booking option, we extend our help in booking facilities like labs, scan centres, prenatal care centres, home care centres, therapists, sports facilities, gyms, or yoga centres.
A wide range of facilities to select from Health Care, Wellness, Fitness and Sports. Engage yourself with facilities of your interest and requirements.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to manage multiple bookings and different modes?
Yes, the platform can handle multiple bookings on various modes like online, in person at the facility, and at home.
Yes, you can definitely use the software and increase your customer base with a hassle-free appointment scheduler.
No, the customers need not download the software.
No, the data will be only visible to you.
Yes, we can schedule appointment reminders to be sent at a specific time.
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