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Multi Sports Center

Experience digital transformation and its resultant changes in managing a multi- sports center.

Why should sports centers embrace technological changes and digitalization?

It is impossible to ignore digitalization, the internet, and technology. Due to its accuracy, efficiency, and swift action, every sector and industry are introducing system digitalization.
Technology has transformed the workings of the world economy, and it will continue to do so. Industries across the world are continually adapting to the latest technologies.
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It is wise for any industry or sector to embrace this transformation and benefit from them. It is easy to manage a sports center with multiple fields, tracks, pools, rinks, courts, and many others using a digital platform rather than keeping physical records. These platforms are opening phenomenal prospects for growth and development for multi-sports center owners and managers. Digitalization offers innovative customization that is adjustable to the customer's requirements.
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What are the types of multi-sports center around us?

Swimming Pools
Indoor stadiums
Outdoor Fields
Turfs Cycling tracks
Running tracks

How LYFnGO assists in managing the center?

Operating or managing a sports center is sometimes challenging, especially during the holiday season when most school and college students utilize their time productively. Just like a sports center provides and facilitates their requirement, the features of LYFnGO provides and facilitates your requirements.
Dashboard and Reports is a one-stop page that gives you an insight into your business, income, outgoing funds, and monthly increase & decrease of customers.
Facility booking is a crucial feature for sports center owners. It can help you to manage all your bookings. It is possible to customize this feature according to your requirement. It displays available slots on any given day, making it easier for the sportsperson to book a facility.
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WhatsApp bot & Consultation makes communication easier. It allows your customer to contact you for booking or any other facilities.
Billing is quick and smoothly accessible.
Inventory and Expenses give you information on the stock and sales of types of equipment or accessories.
Quicksale is a one-stop sale point for trading any article in the facility. It can be equipment, accessories, or workout sessions. Quicksale is an instant selling point for anything in the facility, even if the customer is a non-member.
Membership and Events are profit features. In addition to maintaining the existing ones, it allows you to increase your customer base. You can hold events at your center and inform the members about the same through SMS or email.
You can utilise LYFnGO to manage your center and retain your brand name when communicating with customers throughWhite labeling.
Integration of Payment modes like Paytm, PAYNOW, etc., video calling and communication modes like zoom and google meet, and accounting software like Xero and Zoho books with the system helps to function the center effortlessly.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can the appointment be booked online?
Yes, you can book the appointment online.
Our system is secure and private. You are the only owner of your data. Our servers are hosted within HIPPA security.
We offer a 14-day commitment-free trial period. You can access the features and understand the system.
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