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Wellness & Therapy

Streamline and simplify your wellness or therapy practice with LYFnGO.

LYFnGO is a cloud-based management software planned and prepared for service providers.

Paperwork, scheduling, billing, documenting, and much more can be eliminated with our cloud-based management software. It eases your main challenge of appointment booking or cancellation, customer records, billing, payment, recording physical copies for documentation, etc. You can access all of the above from any online device. Your customer data is secure. Every appointment, prescription, or billing can be tailored to your requirements. By using LYFnGO, you can spend more time with customers who genuinely need your services; than on paperwork. LYFnGO adheres to HIPAA regulations. Consequently, we can assure you of data security.
Save your money and time by utilizing the easy-to-use LYFnGO.
home care
home care

Types of wellness providers

Registered Dieticians
Yoga Teacher
Nutritional Therapist
Meditation or Mindfulness Expert
Mind Counsellor
Physical Therapist
Health Coach

What is therapy?

home care
Therapy is a practice where the therapist aspires to cure and fix emotional, mental, and even physical problems. A registered therapist is a person who has acquired a professional degree in dealing with mentally unsettled people. It involves speaking to them and understanding their feelings, emotions, and behaviors. They assist and educate them in resolving the issues that caused their emotional outburst.
home care

Types of therapists

Addiction therapists
Child therapists
Mind therapists
Marriage and family therapists
Trauma therapists
Occupational therapists
Physical Therapist
We are in a century where emotion are a frivolous issue, but to some of us, they matter. They find it hard to overcome the situation. Because of this, there has been an evolution in the treatments and specialties that address various issues.

Special branches

Behavioral disorders
Community mental health
School and career
Substance abuse

What LYFnGO has for wellness and therapists?

LYFnGO's dashboard and reports give you a peek into the data of appointments, revenue generation, invoices, and billing details. Appointment booking facilitates your end-to-end booking, rescheduling, and even appointment cancellation with the service provider. Whatsapp bot and consultation allow your customer to contact you via SMS or video call. You can update andintegrate your video calling accounts into the system and use them for video consultations.
White labeling allows you to maintain your brand's global recognition. Integration of various payment modes makes it easier to perform payments and keep records of the same.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it customer friendly, and can I learn the system quickly?
Yes, you can learn them quickly.
Yes, you can customize them.
Yes, adding a new treatment or medicine to the system can be done from the patient page.
Yes, customers can contact you via WhatsApp or consult with you online.
safety gaurd
safety gaurd

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The Integrated next-gen platform for Health & Wellness Service Providers to increase productivity, improves financial outcomes, eases information exchange, and enriches the patient/customer experience.
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